On June 23, 2020, the Magnolia Rotary Club met to install it's 2020-2021 Club Officers. The meeting was a hybrid meeting with some members online via Zoom and some members physically present in the MISD Event Center. Pictured above from left to right and top to bottom are the members who attended via Zoom: Conference Room, Carl Gerhardt, Billy Riley, Hope Moye, Chopin Kiang, Hugh Fullerton, David Arevalo, and Barbara Provencher (from the airport).
Current Club President, Janice Thigpen administered the oath of office to the 2020-2021 Club Officers and officially installed them to start on July 1, 2020. The officers are as follows:
  • President - Hope Moye
  • President Elect - Kell y McDonald
  • Secretary - Ted Cummings
  • Treasurer - Carl Gerhardt
  • Rotary Foundation - Frank Parker
  • Rotary Foundation Co-Chair - Chase Hogan
  • Membership Director - Kelly McDonald
  • Public Relations Director - Denise Meyers
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - David Arevalo
Hope Moye than thanked her new board and let everyone know that the 6/30/2020 meeting will not be held as it is the week of the 4th of July Holiday. Hope than asked Real Provencher to present her proposed budget for the 2020-2021 year.
Real Provencher then went through each line of the proposed 2020-2021 budget and answered questions as they arose. Real pointed out that the new District Governor will most likely meet with our club via Zoom so we might not have the expense of having a District Governor Reception.
Real then told the club membership that our club had an outstanding record of giving to the Rotary Foundation and that this year was the best year our club ever had. Real also pointed out that it was also the club's best year for giving to the Polio Fund. Real showed everyone the report below as evidence of their awesome giving.