Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Sep 12, 2017
On 9/12/2017, Donna Brawley from the Houston Livestock and Rodeo spoke to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club about their Scholarship Program for students. Pictured above is Donna Brawley.
Donna Brawley handed out information about the who, what, when and where for the scholarships given out by the Houston Livestock and Rodeo each year. Bascically, the schol.arships are given out to High School Seniors in the amount of $10,000 to $20,000 sometime in May of each year. Applications are due sometime in February each year and details and qualifications can be found at The handout can be seen below:
Donna explained that she has been with the the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Houston Livestock Show for almost 20 years and she has served on several of the almost 100 committees as one of the almost 32,000 volunteers. However, she has been on the Communication Committee for the last 19 years. She also explained that she is also a country western singer and has been called the "Black Patsy Cline" by her friends.
Donna then told everyone that last year the Houston Livestock and Rodeo committee gave out 750 $20,000 schlorships going to eight colleges in Texas. There are 13 different scholarship ctegories that a senior can apply for. They are:
  1.  Metropolitan
  2.  Opportunity
  3.  Texas 4-H
  4.  Texas FFA
  5.  Area Go Texan
  6.  School Art
  7.  Exhibitors
  8.  Hildebrand Family
  9.  Military
  10.  Achievement
  11.  Technical Scholarship Funding
  12.  Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine
  13.  Texas Christian University Ranch Management Program
Donna explained that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship application is a two part process starting with an online application, then followed by supplemental application documents. Once you have submitted the online portion, the supplemental documents will be emailed to you. Application samples will be posted once available. In order to qualify for a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship, the guidelines below must be met.
  • Be a U.S. citizen and Texas resident.
  • Graduated high school senior from an eligible school.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid avaiable on October 2016.
  • Plan to attend an accredited, not-for-profit university in the state of Texas.
Other eligibility requirements vary by scholarship type. That information can be found at:
General information about the scholarship program can be found at