Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Oct 02, 2018
On 10/2/2018, Celeste Graves, Author of the book Magnolia Memories, spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about her life and the history of Magnolia, Texas. Pictured above from left to right are MISD Superintendent Todd Stephens and Celeste Graves.
Todd Stephens introduced Celeste Graves as the "First Lady of Magnolia" and told everyone that at the age of 99, she is the oldest MISD employee. 
Celeste Graves told everyone that she wrote her book "Magnolia Memories" for the purpose of preserving the history of Magnolia, Texas. She started by saying her father, William J. Gayle moved to the area when she was just 3 years old (1922). The only town in the area in 1901 was Mink, Texas which was located about one mile west of the current town of Magnolia, Texas. However, in 1901, the International & Great Northern Railroad decided to build a line through the area and the town of Mink, Texas moved about one mile to the east of their original location in order to be next to the railroad. The new town became Magnolia, Texas. The Magnolia Station was built in 1902 and the first Post Office in Magnolia was built in 1903.
Celeste than showed a number of old photos (some are shown below) and explained them to the group as well as adding a few personal stories about her family and other families in the area. The last photo is an aerial photo
of Magnolia in 1958.