Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 06, 2019
On August 6, 2019, Dirk Weisiger spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about what happened after he visited our club in October of 2018. Pictured above is Dirk Weisiger standing behind Ismael Rivas sitting on the right and Ismael's mother sitting on the left.
Last October when Dirk visited our club, he told our membership that while on a bike ride from Texas to the tip of South America, he came upon a school that had been started by a Baptist church to help young children gain an education so they could improve their life and that of their family's life in many cases. Dirk sold his book "Leave Tomorrow" to some of our members and the proceeds went to help fund the school in Managua, Nicaragua. At the end of the meeting, Richard Allison won a pot of $600 and gave it all to Dirk to help the school out. Dirk, came by today to tell everyone the rest of the story. Dirk explained that he gave the money to the school who split the money between two children but made the children come up with half their tuition ($500 total) so that they would appreciate the gift more. Ismael Rivas was one of the two students and he was so appreciative that he penned the letter below (in English even though he knew Spanish better).