On 9/6/2016, the 2016-2017 District 5910 Governor, Gig Langston visited the Rotary Club of Magnolia. Shown in the photo above from left to right are Magnolia Rotary Club President, Kandice Cabets, District Governor Gig Langston and his wife, Lou Langston who is also a Rotarian.
Club President Kandice Cabets introduced D.G. Gig Langston by listing his bio and accomplishments:
Gig Langton joined the Angelina Rotary Club, (Lufkin) in 2001. He is a second generation Rotarian. He twice served as club president, served as Foundation Chair, Treasurer,  District 5910 Assistant Governor 2006-2009, Disaster Committee 2009-2011 and Foundation Coordinator 2011-2014, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow (+8), recipient of the District 5910 Roll of Fame and is a member of the Paul Harris Society. Since joining, he has had perfect attendance, has attended multiple Rotary International Conventions, District Conferences and Zone 27/21b Institutes. He retired as President of Davis Insurance Agency, Inc. in 2015. He met his wife, Lou, their freshman year at Southwestern University, Georgetown. Lou is also a Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. He served his college fraternity as a national officer. They have two married children and four grandchildren. They belong to St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church.
After the introduction, D.G. Gig Langston told the group that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation and then asked if each of our membership gave $100 per year per member? The Magnolia Rotary Club has given this amount for 2-3 years now. D.G. Gig Langston then talked a little about polio and told everyone that there are still 19 polio cases total in Afganistan and Pakistan. Which is what it was last year. However, some bad news is that 2 new cases have been seen in Nigeria so there is still work to be done.
D.G. Gig Langston then told everyone about the 3 prior years of D.G training he has gone through which has included much about Rotary but also how he had to learn to get training in public speaking. However, he was also happy that all the training had finally come to an end and he is now serving as D.G. of District 5910. 
D,G, Gig Langston then talked about Rotary Membership and how Rotary is trying to change things to help make it easier for new members to join. One idea has been to create satellite clubs where members show up as full time members in an existing club but may not attend meetings at the sponsoring club. Teachers, for example might be part of a satellite club with reduced dues because no meals may be involved. Anyway, the idea is to come up with innovative ways for members to be added. Other changes have been in the form of Rotary Logos. All new logos will always have the word "Rotary" in the logo to let people know that Rotary is involved in many things that they may never have known about before. Another change is that Rotary Central is now how the district plans on communicating with individual clubs including dues invoicing.
The last thing D.G. Gig Langston spoke of was the District Conference which will be held in Lufkin, Texas this year from April 21 through April 23. Gig asked our club to try and attend.
After his talk, D.G. Gig Langston received a gift from our club that was presented by Celeste Graves. The gift was the historical book of Magnolia, Texas that was written by Celeste Graves and contains many photos taken by her father. Gig thanked our club and Celeste Graves. A photo of the gift being given can be seen below:
Pictured in the photo above from left to right are D.G. Gig Langston, Celeste Graves, and Magnolia Club President Kandice Cabets.