On 10/27/2020, D.G. Becky Mason visited the Magnolia Rotary Club (via Zoom) and attended their board and regular meeting. Pictured above is D.G. Becky Mason.
D.G. Becky Mason told everyone that she got into Rotary because her husband was a Rotarian. However, it was not until after he became President of the Beaumont Rotary Club that she finally joined. Her husband, Chuck, told her that she might as well join since she will be asked to attend many of the meetings he had to go to. Once she joined, she found out why Rotary was such a great organization. Now, she and her husband have Rotary friends from around the world. Her husband Chuck is currently a Zone Polio Coordinator so they stay pretty busy as involved Rotarians.
Becky said she was quite impressed with our little club (her club has 250 members) because we get an award every year for giving to the Rotary Foundation She also liked our Scholarship program, our international Sierra Leone Grant Project, Our current District Grant for Mercy House and many of our previous community projects including our outdoor musical instruments and handicapped wheel chair swing in Unity Park. To this end, she awarded a PH award to Janice Thigpin for her efforts last year as our president and a PH pin to Chopin Kiang for his support of the Rotary Foundation.
Becky then spoke about some of the changes they are making to the district website to make it more useful to everyone. One of these additions is the "District 5910 Speakers Bureau" and a link to the Rotary Zone website as well as the Rotary Leadership Institute which is expected to be available some time this year. She also asked Kelly McDonald to add any of her national and international speakers to their site. The district is also developing a list of successful service projects so that other clubs might get ideas for one of their own projects. There is also information about the Rotary Global Rewards Program, a Rotary Showcase, and a Rotary Learning Center.
Becky also spoke about the Rotary Foundation and how it has provided over $4 Billion to getting rid of Polio and how Bill Gates matches Rotary gifts with a 2-1 match. As a result, a $25 gift for example provides $75 toward the effort. She also spoke about a video on their website that shows the multitudes of different people around the world that have benefited from Rotary.
When speaking about membership, Becky pointed out that Rotary accepts anyone and wants to make sure their membership is diverse, inclusive and equal to all. However, to get and keep good members, they must feel like they are accomplishing something as a member of the club. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all members get a chance to be involved in some way within the club.
A photo of the members attending via Zoom can be seen below:
The members who attended in person can be seen below: