On June 2, 2015, the Magnolia Rotary Club held an internal committee meeting to discuss future plans for the club as well as the upcoming 2016 budget in general. The photo is off the members present for the discussions.
Topics discussed during the meeting included:
1. Children of the Dump - Jennifer would like the club to look into a fund raising project involved around this group.
2. 2016 Magnolia Bowl - Already off to a good start with $12,000 of the planned $15,000 in sponsorships already committed. Do not invoice until after July 1, 2015.
3. Grant Approval - Real told everyone that our club has received a $2,800 grant for our $3,000 request for the new Magnolia Inclusive Playground.
4. Budget Approval - Jennifer has set June 30, 2015 for the membership to approve the 2016 budget. Board met today and agreed on a preliminary budget.
5. Monthly Committee Meetings - Input from membership is to have only quarterly committee meetings.
6. Membership - Need to increase membership. Idea to send out thank you notes to people who attended the Paul Harris Dinner and use same list to formally invite them to one of our meetings. The same is true for weekly guests who might become Rotary members. David Arevalo to gather physical address of each future weekly guest for this purpose. Membership budget to be increased to $750 from $350 for this reason.
7. Website Sponsorships - Need to consider lowering $250 website sponsor ships to $100 per year collected once annually. Carl to create new invoice. Existing members will only be charged $50 per year.
8. Kelly to gather input from membership for interesting new speakers and schedule them with Carl.
9. New Members - T-Shirts and Rotary Pins handed out to new members present at the meeting.
10. Magnolia Community Foundation - Our club to support and work in the Magnolia Community Foundation Casino Night to be held on October 17, 2015 at the Montgomery County Community Building.
11. Student Leadership Banquet - Discussed Student Leadership Banquet and ways it might be improved even though it was a big success.
12. ESC Lunches - Deborah Miller to determine who decides how many meals we pay for during the normal meeting at the ESC. Everyone assumed someone in our club was telling them how many meals to cook for.