On 12/06/2016, Christian Collins (Kevin Brady's Campaign Manager) spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club members about some of what happened behind the scenes of the 2016 Presidential Convention. Pictured in the above photo from left to right are Kandice Cabets (President, Magnolia Rotary Club) and Christian Collins (Campaign Manager for Representative Kevin Brady).
Christian Collins started his talk by telling everyone that he grew up in Texas and currently lives in Tomball, Texas. He is a graduate of UT Austin with a BA Degree in Government. He also studied Organizational and Interpersonal Communications at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where he received his Master's Degree in 2013. Since graduating, he has worked for Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz, and currently works for Kevin Brady as his Campaign Manager. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Lone Star College. 
During the 2016 Republican Convention, he was working for Senator Ted Cruz but his main job was to drive Ted's dad, Rafael Cruz, anywhere he needed to go. Christian talked about Ted's strategy to be the best "Constitutional Regan Conservative" candidate in the field of 16 candidates. However, no one saw Donald Trump as becoming the winner of that contest. In hind site, he felt that Donald Trump won because he appealled to the working class of people in the United States as well as being able to paint his opponents in an unfavorable light compared to himself. After winning the primary, Trump was also able to paint Hillary Clinton as "Crooked Hillary" and the rest is history. Trump painted the contest as not right versus left but "Political Up" versus "Political Down".
Christian the told us a little bit about Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz. He explained that Rafael had escaped Castro's Cuba with his family and then came to the United States. Today, whereever Rafael speaks, people listen and like him and Ted Cruz won evey voting district where his father was able to speak on his behalf. However, when in the end Trump won the primary, Ted Cruz finally supported Trump for president because "Crooked Hillary" was the worst of the two candidates running.
Christian also explained to everyone that political races are all just one big show and that the people at large who vote for the candidates rarely truly get to fully understand a candidates qualifications because everything is broken down into sound bites that get misrepresented by their opponents.