On March 24, 2020, Carla McDougal (Founder & CEO of Reflactive Life Ministries) spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership (via an online Zoom meeting) to provide an update on the club's District Grant Project which has partnered with Reflective Life Ministries to produce two videos that are focused on the real issue of teenage suicide prevention. The photo above is of Carla McDougal.
Carla McDougal told everyone that our first PSA video, entitled TALK TO ME (#TALK2ME) has been a real success story and has been spread far and wide on social media. In fact, through a friend of Carla's, the Houston Astros Baseball Team viewed it and thought so well of it that they want to show it at one of their games here in Houston as soon as the Corona Virus restriction have been lifted. They also want the teacher and student who star in the film to attend the game as well as members of the Magnolia Rotary Club and Carla's film company. She will let everyone know as soon as she gets the word as to when it will happen. What an awesome opportunity to have even  more people see the film!
Carla also told everyone that the Conroe ISD has shown the film to all of their teenage students in their schools and believe it has been a very positive influence on them. Carla was to have met with the Conroe ISD Crisis Counselor (Kelly Locke) last Friday but the meeting was postponed due to the Corona Virus restrictions. Carla then told everyone that the 2nd video (titled "Share To Care") has been completed but not yet released. Carla is hoping that it might come out in April 2020 but sure due to the Corona Virus restrictions. Kelly Locke will also speak at the end of the 2nd video.
Carla then told everyone that she is planning 3 more PSA videos to cover the problem of bullying. Her group will partner with the Woodlands Christian Academy and asked if our club could spread the word to other Rotary Clubs in our district and everyone agreed to make sure that happens. Carla also pointed out that our PSA videos will have a very long life on the web and that is a good thing. Carla also wants to work with community businesses and leaders to sponsor more PSA videos targeted at a number of important issues in our community. For more information about Reflective Life Ministries, go to: https://www.reflectivelifeministries.org/
A photo of the online Zoom meeting can be seen below: