Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Sep 25, 2018
On 9/25/2018, Kristi J. Leggett, Director of Development for Bridgewood Farms, spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about what Bridgewood Farms is and what good it does in the community. Pictured above from left to right are Kristi Leggett and Magnolia Rotary Club President, Chase Hogan.
Kristi Leggett explained to the group that Bridgewood Farms is a place in Montgomery County for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Further, Bridgewood Farms has been an integral part of our  thriving community since 1967, providing day programs, after school programs, and respite care for individuals with special needs and their families. Their work helps to ensure that all citizens of Montgomery County, regardless of their intellectual abilities, have a place to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. In addition, Kristi pointed out that they go to Special Olympics, have community outings, and the weekly Incredible Pizza lunches in Conroe. They also will have a party for almost any reason.
Kristi then explained that Bridgewood Farms was founded in 1967 as Montgomery County Children’s Center. In the decades since, they have evolved to meet the changing needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Thanks to the dedication of their staff and board of directors, Bridgewood has become an integral part of Montgomery County. They currently have 3 homes that house those who don't have a home or anyone who can help them. There are plans to build a 4th home in the not too distant future on their current 48 acre location located at 11680 Rose Road, Conroe, Texas 77303.
Kristi told everyone that the following programs are in use at Bridgewood Farms:
  • Adult Continuing Education where daily living skills are taught.
  • Social and Recreational Activities to foster friendship with peers and the community at large.
  • Special Olympics to foster self esteem.
  • Respite Care to develop a sense of independence.
  • Horticulture to connect with nature while benefiting the entire Bridgewood Farms.
  • Ceramics to build and maintain motor skills.
  • Pre-Vocational Training to develop the client’s capacity to carry out step-by-step instructions.
  • Physical Education to promote overall well being.
When asked how Bridgewood Farms is funded, Kristi told everyone that Bridgewood Farms receives tuition, Social Security, private funding and Grants. In addition, they hold the following 4 fundraiser during the year:
  1. Wine Tasting Event
  2. "Burn Your Buns" Bike Ride
  3. Christmas Lights of Hope
  4. Charity Golf Tournament
For more information and opportunities to donate, go to: