On 10/13/2020, Becky Martinez, Conservation Director for the Bayou Land Conservatory (BLC) Organization spoke to the membership of the Magnolia Rotary Club about he organization. Pictured above is Becky Martinez.
Becky started her slide show by showing a photo of herself in one of the areas managed by the BLC:
Becky then explained that BLC is a non-profit conservation organization that works in our community to preserve land along streams for flood control, clean water, and wildlife. She then showed several photos of flooded areas and 3-4 feet of sand that had been dropped in a BLC area after a storm instead of inhabited areas. She pointed out that by soaking up water, conservation areas help to: capture rainfall, slow water movement, reduce erosion, reduce surge levels and decrease flood damage. Becky also pointed out that land saved by land trust saves $484 Million per year in construction replacement costs ($172M along rivers and streams & $312M in Coastal areas). This also saves tax payers $69M per year in projected water filtration and cleaning costs as well as $316M per year in usable water.
Becky also pointed out the wildlife that is saved by saving the land and water habitats of many fish and animals.as well as wild grasses and flower preservation and restoration. As of 2020, BLC has over 1400 acres under their management. In all, that is a total of 64 land preserves with two of those completely owned by BLC. A map of their area can be seen below:
Becky then pointed out that the way land is preserved by all organizations like hers is through voluntary conservation agreements with a land owner. These agreements last forever and therefore the land is preserved forever baring any major catastrophe. BLC is also looking into completing a strategic plan to help shape land preservation in our area and add 15,000 acres under their management. BLC is looking for input (see below):
Becky spoke about community programs and connections:
  • Spring Creek Greenway
  • Spring Creek Nature Trail (with audio tour app that can be downloaded at "travelstorys.com")
  • No Child Left Inside (kid educations program)
  • Ambassador Program (adult education program)
  • Events (Gala on Friday, November 13, 2020 from 6-7 PM)
  • Volunteer Opportunities
Becky talked about the BLC newsletter which can be signed up for at www.bayoulandandconservancy.org. For more information about BLC, go to https://www.bayoulandconservancy.org/
The meeting today was a hybrid meeting and those attending via Zoom can be seen below: