Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Nov 19, 2019
On 11/19/2019, Angela Aja spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club about her life and story. Pictured above is Angela Aja holding her book, "Summoned to Soar".
Angela Aja (pronounced "aha") told the group that she grew up a pastor's daughter in the life of her Dad's church. She decided early on that she would follow the Lord. As a result, she was a leader in the church's youth mission, involved in almost everything the church was doing and finally went to Bible College. It was at Bible College where she met her future husband, fell in love and got married. After they got married, they started their own church and for the next 25 years, she was extremely happy until the day her husband divorced her. It was at that point that she hit her darkest point in her life and simply felt abandoned. She hated both her husband and God at that point. However, with the help of a life coach she learned to turn her life around and to love God again.
Angela then decided to turn her sorrow into something that could help other women going through the same thing she had experienced. Therefore, she decide to become a life coach as well as write a book about her experience. While writing the book she saw how the life of a butterfly was a close analogy to what she had gone through. Angela told everyone that a butterfly starts out life as a small caterpillar. As a caterpillar, life is basically confined to crawling around on plants hunting for food. However, at some point, the caterpillar spins a cocoon and locks itself inside that cocoon. During that time, the caterpillar ceases to eat and is not able to excrete. The caterpillar then slowly turns into a mushy DNA filled mass. This mass gradually is reborn as a butterfly. However, before it can become a butterfly, it has to break out of the cocoon it spun around itself. This takes a great deal of effort and when finally freed from the cocoon, the new butterfly is wet and worn out and at first can barely move. However, with time its wings begin to move and slowly dry out and eventually the butterfly can actually flap its wings fast enough to be able to fly. In flight, the winds help the butterfly to achieve heights it was never able to achieve as a caterpillar. In addition, the butterfly's eyes are improved significantly over those it had as a caterpillar. The analogy to women who have gone through bad things in their life is if they don't give up and kick away their old life (cocoon), work hard to move forward (wings become capable of flight), they can achieve almost anything they set their minds to do (soar to new heights).
Angela named her new book "Summoned to Soar" as an analogy to both her life and the life of a butterfly and how God summons both people and the butterflies to soar to new heights in their lives. In the book she tells her story and how she was able to break from her old bad life and move forward into a happy and fulfilling future.
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