On 5/10/2016, members of the Magnolia Rotary Club went to the MISD Alpha Academy to listen to Principal Dean Frederick tell everyone about this quarter's Students of Excellence. Pictured above from left to right are Angelica Balles, Tyler Cally, and Principal Dean Frederick.
Principal Dean Frederick thanked everyone for coming and then introduced his choice for two Students of Excellence. Principal Frederick said that both students he selected this time were awesome students that will be graduating from Alpha Academy on May 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Magnolia High School.
First, Principal Frederick introduced Angelica Balles who he indicated was a very meticulous student who has been at Alpha for 3 years and takes excellent notes. She has completed all the requirements necessary to graduate and is planning on going to Lone Star College in the fall. Ultimately, she want to be either a Psychologist or a Musician unless she can somehow marry to two fields together into a career. Angelica brought her family with her and thanked them for being there for her. Principal Frederick then thanked Angelica's parents for the great job they had done in raising her.
Second, Principal Frederick introduced Tyler Cally who transferred into Alpha one year ago and has completed all the requirements necessary to graduate. Tyler told everyone that he wants to attend Florida State in the fall and get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Tyler, told everyone that he really likes to work on older cars and hopes one day to have a small collection of older cars. Tyler's mother came with Tyler and Tyler thanked his mother for being there for him. Dean Frederick also thanked Tyler's mother for raising such a great kid.
Rotary President Real Provencher then told both sets of parents that he has never seen a successful student who does not also have a set of caring parents who support them. In addition to Principal Frederick, Real also thanked both sets of parents and wished both students successful lives and careers.