On May 19, 2015, Principal of Alpha Academy, Dean Fredricks, introduced the three Students of Excellence for this quarter to the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured above from left to right are Alpha Academy Principal Dean Fredricks, Alpha Academy Valedictorian Caleb Cherry, Alpha Academy Salutatorian Bailey Chandler, and Alpha Graduate Terrance Sherman.
Principal Dean Fredrick told the Magnolia Rotary Club that the three "Students of Excellence" that he was going to introduce had traveled the "road less traveled" by many students but had achieved their desired goal of earning a High School Degree in less time than more traditional high school students do. He indicated that each of the students had worked very hard to earn their diplomas and that he was extremely proud of each of them. Dean Fredricks than asked each student to talk a little about themselves and their future plans. He then introduced, Caleb Cherry, Bailey Chandler, and Terrance Sherman. In that same order, each student got up and talked a little about themselves and their life goals.
1. Caleb Cherry - Caleb told everyone that he had to move from Dallas, Texas in his senior year of high school and that he very quickly realized that there would be no way he would be able to graduate with his senior class. He then heard from a friend about Alpha Academy and applied and was accepted. Working very hard at Alpha Academy, he was able to earn his high school degree in 5 months and do it as the class Valedictorian. He has plans to attend Stephen F. Austin University in Austin, Texas with a goal of getting a degree in U.S. History.
2. Bailey Chandler - Bailey told everyone that he had attended MWHS for the first two years of high school but wanted to complete his degree sooner. He applied to Alpha Academy, was accepted, and will be graduating this May 2015 as the class Salutatorian. He wants to go to U.T. Texas or Baylor University but does not yet know which one or what degree he will pursue. He has been offered and accepted a chance to attend the YMCA Blue Ridge Camp in North Carolina at Black Mountain. Bailey will also work with his dad in the construction industry this summer.
3. Terrance Sherman - Terrance told everyone that he was told to dress up prior to being brought to the Magnolia Rotary Club today but did not know for what reason so he was surprised that this award was the reason. Terrance told everyone that he had attended MWHS for the 1st three years of high school but decided to go to alpha to get out early. Like both Caleb and Bailey, he applied and was accepted to Alpha Academy. Alpha was harder than he expected, but with support from both his family and God, he was able to earn his high school degree in May 2015. He is not sure what the future holds for him but is looking forward to getting his career started.
Principal Dean Fredrick told everyone that all three boys will be attending the YMCA Blue Ridge Camp this summer in North Carolina and that Bailey was the only student who already knew and that is because his mother works for the YMCA.
A photo of the three boys giving their presentations is below: