On 10/7/2014, Angela Lorio (Science Teacher) and Kristine Stewart (Counselor) for Alpha Academy gave a presentation about what Alpha Academy is all about. Pictured left to right are: Angela Lorio and Kristine Stewart.
Angela Lorio stated that Alpha Academy is a very unique “High School of Choice.” Students attending the school are afforded the opportunity to accelerate their learning, thereby graduating earlier. Students enjoy more one on one instructional opportunities with their teachers, and our smaller class sizes make the educational experience even more worthwhile. ALPHA encourages and fosters parental and community involvement on our campus through a variety of means. Angela then showed a video titled "I Am Alpha" showing short responses from both teachers and students about what Alpha Academy is to them. The full video can be seen at: http://live.myvrspot.com/iframe.php?v=v1c686eb1f543.
Angela told everyone that the Alpha Academy has a strong relationship with Lone Star College and that 43 of their 93 students are taking a college placement test this November at Lone Star College.
Angela then told everyone that an ALPHA student embodies determination and grit, accepting personal responsibility for achieving academic and long-standing success. She also told everyone that ALPHA stands for: Accelerated Learning Program for Higher Achievement!  An Alpha student is:
  • Mature enough to handle responsibility of being a motivated learner.
  • In school everyday because "When you miss school, you miss out".
  • Seeking a positive change to help me during my academic career.
  • Proud to be an ALPHA student because I have the end in sight.
  • Capable of having graduating as their main goal!
Kristine Stewart then told the group about a new program they are starting at Alpha Academy called "Alpha Connections". Basically, Alpha Academy is asking adults in the surrounding community to make a commitment to have a personal relationship with a single student (they have 93 students now) that has something in common such as having worked in the industry that the student may be interested in. After the initial meeting with the student, communication can occur via phone, email, texting, twitter, etc. without impacting the volunteer's free time to the extant that the adult would have to say no to being a volunteer. Kristine told everyone that each volunteer must do three things:
2. Fill out the online volunteer application and have a background check done on them.
3. Contact the Alpha Academy for an initial interview if the background check is clean.
Angela and Kristine thanked the Rotary Club for their time and hospitality and indicated that they looked forward to working with some of the Rotarians as volunteers.