Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Apr 24, 2018
On 4/24/2018, Principal Dean Frederick introduced the Alpha Academy Students of Excellence. Pictured above from left to right are: Magnolia Rotary President Kelly McDonald, Alpha Senior Shandre Geel, Alpha Senior Robert Haseman, and Alpha Principal Dean Frederick.
Principal Frederick told those in attendance that he was very proud to introduce two of his favorite graduating students at Alpha Academy. He explained that both students represent the best of Alpha Academy as they always show up and always get their work done. He then introduced both students and asked them to tell the audience a little about themselves.
  1. Robert Haseman went first and told the group that he started off a little behind but that everyone at Alpha Academy helped him catch back up and he will now be graduating at the end of this month. His role models while at Alpha Academy were his parents, teachers, counselor, and principal. Robert wants to take his degree into the computer field with hopes of landing a job in computer technology in the not too distant future.
  2. Shandre Geel started at Alpha Academy in January of this year after leaving MWHS and almost went to another school before hearing about Alpha. Her role models are all the adults at Alpha Academy as well as her parents. Her goal is to go to LSC next semester and one day become a stenographer.
Both students told everyone how much they like Alpha Academy and how they would recommend it to anyone wanting to speed up their high school graduation.
Both students answered questions from the audience about their Alpha experiences.
A photo of the students and their parents can be seen below:
Mr. and Mrs. Haseman are shown on the left and Mr. and Mrs. Geel can be seen standing directly behind their daughter.