On 7/20/2021, the Magnolia Rotary Club swore in the 2021-2022 Club Officers. Pictured above from left to right are: Kelly McDonald (President), Hope Moye (President Elect), David Arevalo (Sergeant of Arms), Hugh Fullerton (Director of Grant Projects). Jess Brooks (Director of Speakers/Programs), Carl Gerhardt (Webmaster) and Barbara Provencher (Secretary; dialing in remotely and can be seen on screen over the top of Carl Gerhardt's head) and not present, Elliott Gabriel (Treasurer).
Hope Moye (outgoing President) spoke to the group about some of the great accomplishments our Club had achieved in 2020 in spite of COVID-19 as well as how her mother had instilled in her the desire to help others. Hope then gave the oath of office to Kelly McDonald who will be the club's 2021-2022 President.
Kelly than presented Hope Moye with her outgoing President's Gavel and her Paul Harris Award for service above self (see below):
Kelly McDonald then called up her new board and gave them the oath of office for the 2021-2022 year. Afterwards, Kelly read a letter from the current RI President, Shekar Mehta telling everyone how important the "Each One, Bring One" initiative is to helping Rotary grow its membership. Kelly then reminded everyone that this year's Rotary International meeting will be held in Houston, Texas.