Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Apr 30, 2019
On 4/30/2019, MHS Principal Mike Metz brought four amazing "Students of Excellence" to the Magnolia Rotary Club.  Pictured above from left to right are: Magnolia Rotary Club President Chase Hogan, students Dalton Taylor, Kinley Deming, John Ward, Erin Mooneyham, and Principal Mike Metz.
Principal Mike Metz spoke highly of the students he put before the club but also stated that there are great parents behind each of these students. However, as principal, he tries hard to put before the students the best teachers to help them "jump" out of high school to life in general. Principal Metz then introduced each of the students in the following order and asked them each to talk a little bit about themselves.
1. Erin Mooneyham
Erin told everyone that she was on the varsity soccer team (Principal Metz reminded everyone that she was mid-fielder of the year) and plans on going to the University of Utah where she plans on majoring in Criminal Justice. Erin also stated that she will take a year off after her first year to complete a mission trip for her church. Erin loved all the inspired speakers she has listened to while at MHS.
2. Kinley Deming
Kinley told everyone that she is a varsity cheerleader who will be attending TCU where she plans on majoring in Bio-Chemistry first and then move into the medical field. Principal Metz also told everyone that Kinley is the senior class Valedictorian. Kinley loved that as a senior she has been able to help younger students feel comfortable at school. She indicated that many of them have her personal number and ask her for help when needed.
3. John Ward
John told everyone that he is on the varsity cross country team and recently completed a 26 mile marathon run in 3 hours, 7 minutes, and 41 seconds. John finished 1st in his age group. John told everyone that he is planning on attending Texas A&M and will get a degree in Chemical Engineering. John's best HS memories are of a great teacher who inspired him to achieve all he is capable of.
4. Dalton Taylor
Dalton told everyone that he is on both the varsity football and power lifting teams and has received All District & All State in both sports. Dalton plans on going to Texas A&M and get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Dalton's best HS memories are of how well he was welcomed after coming into school from a private school. He was even voted in as the most talented singer in school.
An additional photo showing all the Students of Excellence along with their parents can be seen below: