Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 07, 2018
On 8/7/2017, Past President of the Magnolia Rotary Club Kelly McDonald held an internal Rotary Meeting to discuss the upcoming 2018 Magnolia Bowl event and ask for input on things we might do the same or different this year. Pictured above is Kelly McDonald.
Things that most believe should be kept for this year:
  1. T-Shirts - Will still have them but limit the number created so that we don't repeat last year's problem with ordering too many. Will do pre-sale and game time sales.
  2. Large event tent - Absolutely need but maybe come up with ways to put Magnolia Rotary Club name on the tent somehow.
  3. Will be at Magnolia High School this year on November 2, 2018.
  4. Have a D.J. - No change from last year.
Possible new ideas:
  1. Let Interact kids design T-shirt and give prize.
  2. Maybe have a bottled water station and sell cold bottles for a $1.00.
  3. Be sure to thank sponsors on social media (unless they want to remain anonymous.
  4. Add signs to direct foot traffic to Rotary tent to purchase meal tickets.
  5. Use existing large Rotary flying banners to indicate our location.
Chase will hold a board meeting in the near future where all members will be invited to attend to discuss the Magnolia Event planning.