On January 10, 2017, the 4 students and their counselor and trainer attended the 2017 RYLA Camp at Woodlake, Texas. Pictured in the above photo from lrft to right are: Spencer Beeman (Counselor from North Texas University), Kenadie Wilde (student), David Arevalo (Rotarian), Alex Bezilla (student), Tonya McCleskey (Math Teacher/Counselor), Norma Mendoza (student), and Jessica Roberco (student).
Spencer Beeman told the group that there were a total of 273 students at RYLA this year and of that number, 24 were asked to come back next year as counselors. One of these 24 was our own Kenadie Wilde. Our Club paid for 6 students to attend but the two students from Magnolia HS were unable to attend. 
The presentation by the 4 students who attended RYLA this year was done by showing a series of still photos and telling the our club about each of the photos. However, before the presentation Kenadie Wilde told our club how much all 4 of the students who attended appreciated our club sponsoring them this year. They all said it was one of the most awesome events they have ever experienced.
  1. To start with, Alex Bezilla explained "The Wall" task which was an 8 foot wall will a square hole cut out near the top where a person could crawl through. Each team had to figure out how to get all the members of their team through the hole without the use of any ladders or other equipment. They were able to complete this task using teamwork.
  2. Kenadie Wilde explained the "Wild Woozie" task which was a cable about 18" off the ground with a rope higher up. Each team member had to walk along the cable with only the loose rope to hold onto. The team also completed this task.
  3. Norma Mendoza explained the "Trust" task where one member stands on about a 4 foot high board and falls off backwards allowing the other team members to catch them. The team also completed this task.
  4. Kenadie explained the "Spider Web" which was a spider web made out of ropes and every member of the team had to be placed through the "web" by the other members. Normally the team member being passed through the web would fail the task if they touched a rope. However, because everyone was bundled up because of the cold, they were allowed to touch the ropes. The team also passed this task.
  5. Alex explained the "Triangle Traverse" which was a triangle made from ropes that were close together on one end and far apart on the other end. This was the most difficult task and the team was not able to pass it.
  6. Norma then explained the "Blindfold" task where everyone put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them while everyone except the last person in line was blindfolded. That person had to direct the blindfolder person in the front of the line to a basket where a ball was to be dropped in. The team passsed this task.
  7. Kenadie then explained the competitive challege where all teams had to build a race car out of cardboard, two axles, and four tires. The team completed this task but was not in first place.
Everyone agreed that they had to use teamwork and communications to solve the tasks and in those efforts, they learned alot about themselves.
Alex Bezilla then told everyone about two indoor events. The first was were each person in a team had to follow some instructions and if anyone did not do the task correctly they had to stand up and sing a song chosen by another person. The second task was to write a single word on a blown up balloon and then throw all of them up and get a balloon from another person. Alex said the balloon he received had the word "Friendship" which hit him like a ton of bricks. Alex said that everyone was extremely happen to have attended RYLA but were very sad they had to finally leave.
Jessica Roberco then told everyone about an ethics group where team members were given situations to discuss as to what they might do in certain situations. The teams learned how to listen to other ideas and to be willing to agree with others who might have a better solution to a given situation.