Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 15, 2017
On 8/15/2017, the MISD Athletic Director, Mike Spradlin, introduced his 2017-2018 Volleyball Coaching Staff to the members of the Magnolia Rotary Club. Pictured above is Mike Spradlin.
Mike Spradlin told the membership that, in line with Superintendent Todd Stephens's effort to be the best School District in Texas, he strives to have the best Athletic Program in the state of Texas. He believes that his goal will be achieved because he has one of the best coaching staffs in the district who help to create a championship culture within the Athletic Department and the MISD schools in general. Mike Spradlin then introduced the MWHS Volleyball Head Coach Emily Buckley (see below). The photo below (from left to right) is of Assistant Volleyball Coach Jordan McCardle and Head Volleyball Coach Emily Buckley.
Coach Emily Buckley then told the group a little bit about herself and how she was chosen to replace Coach Lindsey Durrenberger who has moved away from the district. Coach Buckley then introduced her assistant coach Jordan McCardle who also told everyone a little bit about herself. Coach Buckley then told everyone about her "Row The Bow" concept for her team.

"Oars" are the first part of the metaphor, which represent the energy a person brings to those around them. That includes positively affecting their spiritual life, academics and career. Choosing to have the oar in the water shows a person is moving forward in their life, and having it out of the water means staying in place.

The second piece of the metaphor is the boat, exemplifying sacrifices a person is willing to make to achieve their goals.

Finally, the compass signifies the direction of the group, set by the leader. 

Rowing the boat conveys that the team is working together trying to achieve a common goal. After each game that her team plays, a new signature is added to a physicsl wooden boat paddle that she brings to each game.

Next, Mike pradlin introduced MHS new Head Volleyball Coach, Ashley Farris who told everyone a little bit about herself before introducing her staff seen below with her. The photo below (from left to right) is of Assistant Volleyball Coach Ally Brown, Head Volleyball Coach Ashlet Farris, Assistant Volleyball Coach Jordan Clements, Assistant Volleyball Coach Kaci Hebert, and Assistant Volleyball Coach Kendra Sancet.

Each of the assistant coaches also told everyone a little bit about themselves. Coach Ashley Farris then told everyone that her goal is to prepare her girls to go to the next level in college. Coach Ashley Farris then introduced 4 of her senior girls who are a part of her great senior team. A photo of the 4 Varsity Volleyball players can be seen below.