Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Aug 22, 2017
On 8/22/2017, the head Football Coaches from both MISD High Schools spoke to the Magnolia Rotary Club membership about their respective teams and the upcoming season. Pictured from left to right are: MHS Head Football Coach Sterling Doty, MHS Senior Football Player Justin Mader, MWHS Senior Football Player Noah Bryson, and MWHS Head Football Coach J.D. Berna.
Mike Spradlin, MISD Athletic Director (pictured below) spoke first and told everyone that like most sports, playing Football teaches the players a great deal about life and how to be a productive citizen. He was extremely proud that both the MHS & MWHS Football Coaches at MISD are not only great Football coaches but great at teaching their teams how to become a man who will be respected in the world regardless of what they decide to do.
Mike than told everyone a little about his personal career history starting at the University of Houston until he became the MISD Athletic Director. He also spoke about the fact that both he and the Football coaches have known each other for quite awhile and that he believes that both coaches are two of the best coaches in their athletic district and that although they are competitors on the field, they are close friends off the field. Mike than introduced MHS Head Football coach, Sterling Doty.
MHS Coach Sterling Doty introduced senior football player, Justin Mader who he stated had recently won a place at the Under Armour Football Camp to play in the nationally telivised Under Armour Bowl later this year. Coach Doty than told everyone what a hard working individual that Justin has been since joining the football team in his Freshman year. Even when he tore his ACL in 2016, he worked hard to heal and to get back on the Varsity team this year. Justin is ranked #4 in his senior class (out of 440 seniors) and scored a 34 on his ACT. Coach Doty then told everyone that of the 60 football players on the team this year, 43 of them are seniors and this makes his team really strong this year. Coach Doty than stated that his theme this year is "Bulldog Brotherhood" because he believes that if everyone on his team treats their other team members like a brother, they will be unstoppable on the field.
Mike Spradlin then introduced MWHS Head Football Coach J.D. Berna.
MWHS Coach J.D. Berna introduced Noah Bryson who he stated was an excellent athlete in several sports and is one of their football team captains. Noah's mother is also a Spanish Teacher in MISD and Noah aslo scored a 34 on his ACT. Noah is planning to go to the University of Pennsylvania and Coach Berna expects that he will do very well at the University of Pennsylvania. Coach Berna then told everyone that his theme this year is "Invested". This is because his team is fully invested in their effort to be the best team in the district and possibly the state. Coach Berna told everyone that this year, he has 33 seniors, 22 juniors, and 4 sophmores on his football team. Coach Berna stated that individual character is important in life and that football (and sports in general) teaches character and that he is very proud of the character of each of his team members. In fact, Coach Berna than stated that he had received an email recently from a local restaurant where the team had gone for lunch telling him how nice and respectful his team was while at the restaurant.
There was a question as to whether or not schools share practice films with each other. Coach Berna stated that there is now software, called HUDL (that can be downloaded from that allows schools to share practice films. The team members and coaches can even go online and save off specific parts of the film to review later.