Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Dec 05, 2017
On 12/5/2017, the Magnolia High School (MHS) Choir sang Christmas Songs for the Magnolia Rotary Club and HEB Customers / Employees early in the morning at the HEB located at the intersection of FM1488 and Tamina Road. Pictured above is the MHS Choir with it's Choir Director, Jennifer Franz-Melady, on the far left.
The MHS Choir met at the HEB store at 7:00 am and sang 5-6 Christmas Songs for anyone within the sound of their beautiful voices. They had many of the HEB employees singing along with them as the music could be heard over most of the store. The Choir ended up with "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" before having to go back to their classes.
The Rotary Meeting was led by President Kelly McDonald while she was in Singapore using the Zoom Meeting Software and laptop computers. After the flag pledges, Kelly told everyone that she has already attended a Rotary meeting in Singapore as well as an online e-meeting with 200 members on the call. She also told us that she will be attending a Rotary Meeting next week in Seoul, South Korea before returning to the United States in January, 2018.