On Februray 1, 2017, the Magnolia Rotary Club traveled to both Magnolia High School and Magnolia West High School to help 200 MISD Junior High School students be involved in the Rotary 2017 8th Grade Career Day Grant Project. Pictured above are some of the 8th grade students walking between breakout sessions designed to provide them with useful information to help them move towards any career they are interested in.
The day started out with the arrival of the 100 Magnolia Junior High (MJH) 8th Graders at the Magnolia West High School (MWHS) Auditorium at 7:50 AM. There they heard from college students who told them about how the previous Rotary Job Shadow program had helped them to create a plan that started them on their way to their high school graduation and eventually get $23,000 in scholarship money to attend Texas A&M. In addition, they heard from educators who spoke to them about things they need to do when they attend high school that will help them achieve their individual career goals.
After the initial presentation, the students split up and went to one of four breakout sessions (STEM (Science Technology Engeneering & Math), Public Service, Business & Industry, and Arts & Humanities). Members of the Magnolia Rotray Club acted as ushers to get the student from one sessions to another until 10:15 AM when everyone gathered in the MWHS Library for final instructions and photos. 
The students returned to MJH and the Magnolia Rotary Club Members went to Magnolia High School (MHS) to start the whole thing over again with the 100 Bear Branch Junior High students finishing up the day around 1:30 PM.
Other photos taken during the day are below: