Posted by Carl Gerhardt on Jun 27, 2017
On 6/27/20117, Kelly McDonald became the Magnolia Rotary Club's new President, taking over from previous President Kandice Cabets. Pictured is new president Kelly McDonald.
Kandice Cabets opened the meeting by telling everyone what a privilege it has been to be our president during the past year and thanked everyone in our club for participating in so many wonderful projects during the year. She then introduced Kelly McDonald as the club's incoming President and wished her well for the new year. Kelly then spoke and gave Kandice a Rotary "Past President Pin".
Kelly McDonald then told everyone that she hoped the coming year would be filled with excitement and hoped that our members have some great new project ideas for our club. She aslo thanked Kandice Cabets and Real Provencher for helping prepare her for the job of President of our club. Kelly then told everyone that the Club Officers for the 2017-2018 year were:
  • President - Kelly McDonal
  • Past President - Kandice Cabets
  • Secretary - Charles Schultz
  • Treasurer & Webmaster - Carl Gerhardt
Kelly then presented a banner from the Atlanta RI Convention to our club and told everyone that she had also purchased banners for our Inreract Clubs.
Kelly then showed everyone a slide presentation consisting of both photos and short movies (of speakers) taken at the RI convention.
Kelly then asked the members present who had attended the Atlanta RI Convention to talk a little bit about what had they had come away with from the Convention. A photo of the group of people who spoke on this topic can be seen here:
1. Kelly McDonald
Kelly thought that the best part of the trip was being with so many members of our club (9 in all) at the convention. She also liked the speakers and said that she was a fan of Bill Gates and that his talk was OK. However, the speach given by Dr. Bernice A. King (youngest daughter of Dr. Martin Lutheran King Jr. & Coretta Scott King) was awesome as well as inspiring. Kelly also found that Rotarians from all over the world seemed to be some of the most kind and generous people and that actually meeting with these people and talking with them made her realize even more so how connected we all are in this world.
2. Chuck Meyers ( Visitor From The Woodlands Rotary Club)
Chuck stated that he was not really sure he was going to like the convention but that he found that he really enjoyed himself. He was specifically awed at being a member of the organization that had done so much to rid the world of Polio and he learned a lot by talking to some real life Polio victims. Chuck's favorite speaker was Andrew Young (Chair of the Andrew J. Young Foundation, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and documentary filmmaker). Chuck also found that the templates given out at the convention to help in getting out the word about who and what Rotary is were very helpful and that he will be implementing that program for his club.
3. Barbara Provencher
Barbara told everyone that she was really interested in the new Peace Iniatitive that RI is working on. She also stated that one of the speakers had stated that learning other peoples stories brings people closer together and she had found that true when meeting people from other countries. Barbara was also very impressed by Dr. Bernice A. King and thoughly enjoyed the two day President's Peace Conference held just prior to the RI Convention. Two other areas that Barbara found interesting were the topic on "Human Trafficking" around the world and the topic on Rotary Membership.
4. Charles Schultz
Charles told everyone that he agreed with what everyone had already said about the convention but he also enjoyed the Major Donor Reception where he got to meet with some of his old buddies from the Gainesville Florida Rotary Club where he transferred from. Charles said that his favorite speaker was Andrew Young and told everone that we could go online and listen to all of the speakers at the RI and Peace Conferences. Charles also told everyone that he had learned about some new technology and was looking forward to possibly making some of it availble for our club.
5. Real Provencher
Real told everyone that since he was not the offical camera man this year, he felt more relaxed and able to enjoy the convention. Real told everyone that he was amazed at how good our small club is compared to other clubs. The fact that our club had 9 people in attendence when many other clubs much larger had only 2-5 members in attendence. Real told everyone that many other Rotarians asked him what our secret was. Real also stated that he was proud that our members are all actively engaged in Rotary. Real than talked about some technology ideas like SKYPE where remote members might be able to attend our meetings without leaving their office or might also be able to view recorded meetings on thier own schedule. The use of SKYPE might also allow us to get guest speakers from all over the world. Real also stated that our club could also listen to some of the RI Convention speakers. Real also stated that the 2 day President's Peace Conference was incredible and urged our members to go online and listen to some of the speakers. Real told everyone that Rotary's next big push after defeating Polio was creating an environment around the worls where peace can thrive. Real stated that peace is not just the absence of violence but it is also the end result of creating and environement where peace can survive.