On 5/24/2016, the Magnolia Rotary Club hosted a Job Shadow Reunion for both the students and businessmen who participated in the Job Shadow program since 2013. The photo above is of the business men and women who participated in the 2016 Job Shadow Program.
Deborah Rose Miller started off the Job Shadow Reunion by telling everyone the history of the program as well as what is planned for 2017. Deborah then asked each group of students to stand based upon when they participated in the Job Shadow program by asking their graduation year starting with the 2013 Job Shadow participants (graduating 2017, 2018, 2019, & 2020).
She then asked Magnolia West High School student Brooke Nolasco to talk about her experience with the Texas Renaissance Festival this year. Brooke explained that she was able to get a behind the scenes view of what the people at the Texas Renaissance Festival do to make sure all their visitors enjoy their visit. As a result, she now feels like staring her own business one day using the information she gained from the people at the Texas Renaissance Festival.
Deborah then asked both of the MISD Junior High Principals to come up and receive a plaque for their respective schools being involved in the program.
Starting with Bear Branch Junior High, she asked Principal Dr. Ben King to bring up the ten students involved in this year's program. After the students came up, Dr. King asked two of the students to talk about their experiences with the program. The first student spoke about his time spent with Sargent Billy Masden of Pct. 5. The student told everyone that he had learned a great about the constable's office while spending time with Sargent Masden and would consider being in law enforcement himself one day. The second student spent the day at at the Texas Renaissance Festival and she was amazed by the work that goes on behind the scenes and came away with an appreciation of what it takes to run a successful business.
Next Deborah asked Magnolia Junior High Principal Dr. Mike Metz to bring up his ten students involved in this year's program. Principal Metz also asked two of his students to speak about their experiences. The first student spent the day at the Fire Department and has decided to one day become a volunteer fireman as part of his future community service. The second student spent the day at the Shady Brook Animal Hospital and she came aware with wanting to pursue a future career as a vet and said she learned a great deal about what it takes to run an animal clinic.
Next Deborah asked the representatives of the following ten businesses to come up and receive a plaque in honor of their help in making the program a reality for the students:
1. Pct. 5 Constables Office
2. Woodforest Bank.
3. Quadvest
4. Sign Source
5. Country Air
6. Texas Renaissance Festival
7. Magnolia Fire Department
8. Paws and Claws
9. Shady Brook Animal Hospital
10. Enchanted Florists
Deborah then brought up the two students who the Magnolia Rotary Club paid to have attend the YMCA Blue Ridge Camp last year. The students were Tyler Burford and Garrett Horn who both spoke highly of the time spent at the camp. Deborah then brought up this year's Magnolia Rotary Club YMCA Scholarship recipients, Bernard Moro of BBJH and Jesse Mertin of MJH and presented them with their scholarships for this year.
Deborah then asked Spencer Beeman to come up and talk a little about his last 4 years as a member of the MHS Interact Club where he was the president last year. Spencer told everyone about the service projects that they did during his time in the club and how all the club members also liked the fun they had doing those projects.
Real Provencher then spoke directly to the students from his perspective as a business owner telling them to take advantage of all that life offers and it will serve them well in the careers. He also asked the business men and women in the audience to think about joining our club either now or sometime in the future and help serve the Magnolia area.
The photos below are of the staff that served the meal and the audience in general (over 100 people attended):