On January 17, 2017, a review of the Magnolia Rotary Ccub's 2016-2017 Grant Project (8th Grade Career Day) was provided by Dr. Jason Bullock, Deborah Rose Miller and Denise Meyers. Pictured in the photo above from left to right are: Dr. Jason Bullock (MISD Assistant Superintendent), Deborah Rose Miller (previous Magnolia Rotary Club Member), and Denise Meyers (MISD Communications Director).
Debra Rose Miller gave a history of how the current project came about by telling everyone that about four years ago, the Magnolia Rotary Club started the "Job Shadow" Grant Project that took about 20 8th graders and gave them the opportunity to go to a number of local businesses and local government offices and be interns for several weeks to get an idea about potential future careers in the local area. The initial project was so well accepted that variations of it continued for three more additional years. Deborah then explained that the idea came to her after several MISD educators had visited the Cy Fair School District where they explained a similar project but with several thousand students. Initially the idea was to include all 8th graders within MISD. However, there was no place close to the schools that would hold 800 plus students so it was decided to pair back the project to 100 8th grade students from MHS and 100 students from MWHS. Deborah also told everone that the full project will cost around $42,000. However, thanks to our Rotary Club, MISD, and multiple business donors, the costs will be covered.
Dr. Jason Bullock then explained why it was the 8th grade that was selected for the project. Jason explained that students at risk for dropping out are statistically more apt to drop out starting in the 8th grade. The belief is that many students can be saved through this project. The plan is to track the students through the rest of their high school days including whether or not they go on to college. That way at the end of their high school days it can be determined whether or not the project should be continued by the school district.
Denise Meyers then explained the logistics for the project. Specifically, at the beginning of the day at the first high school, their will be several speakers from local businesses and MISD staff will speak to the students about their career after school. After the speakers are through, students will get to pick 3 breakout sessions that they are interested in. Prior to the students being released, they will be notified that each of them will be receiving a brand new Chromebook for their very own. They will also be given T-Shirts from the event as well as Rotary computer covers for their Chromebooks. They will also have their email addresses put on a list for future communications. In addition, they will be given an emaill address to send future questions to as well as a website that will provide additional information designed to help them.