On April 28, 2022, members of the Magnolia Rotary Club participated as volunteers in the EPIC (Employment Practice Interview Conferences) held at the Bear Branch Junior High School located at 31310 FM 2978 hosted by the College & Career Readiness teachers from Bear Branch & Magnolia Junior High Schools. Pictured above from left to right are: Roxanne Langley (Magnolia Junior High) and Maria Osborn (Bear Branch Junior High).
This event was part of the 2022 Magnolia Rotary Club District 5910 Grant Project. A total of 15 Magnolia Rotary Club members acted as interviewing managers for the roughly 200 8th grade students who participated. Each student provided a filled out questionnaire to the interviewer who then asked typical hiring manager questions of the student. The volunteer interviewers than rated the students reactions to the questions asked during the interview. The point of the event was to give the students some practice at interviewing for a job with Chick-fil-A being the example hiring company. In addition to the Magnolia Rotary Club volunteers, there were a number of MISD Board members as well as MISD teachers and administrators. The event was an all day event and was quite successful in providing the first time practice for the students.
The names of the Magnolia Rotary Club members were:
  • David Arevalo
  • Jessica Brooks
  • Glenn Buckley
  • Candace Emmerich
  • Hugh Fullerton (Project Lead)
  • Elliott Gabriel
  • Carl Gerhardt
  • Amelia Lindley
  • Kelly McDonald
  • Denise Meyers
  • Frank Parker
  • Ben Petty
  • Barbara Provencher
  • Real Provencher
  • Jessica Quillivan
The names of the other volunteers were:
  • Kristi Baker
  • Bonnie Bates
  • Gary Blizzard
  • Sherri Depper
  • Sonja Ebel
  • Keith Grant
  • Katie Jean
  • Roxanne Langley
  • Jonny McCumber
  • Kirk Osborn
  • Dacie Owens
  • Elisa Parker
  • Vinny Sinisi
  • Jim Spigener
  • Julia Venghaus
Some photos of the volunteers can be seen below:
Other photos taken during the event can be seen below: